PES Project Profile

Public School No. 111M

Manhattan, New York

Project Details

  • Project Cost: $290,000
  • Project Awarded: August 2009
  • Design Completed: March 2010
  • Construction Completed: Nov. 2011

  • Scope of Services

    • Local Sound System
    • Stage Lighting Controls
    • Auditorium Lighting Circuits
    • Auditorium Power Distribution

    Client Reference

    Mr. Vergiliu Vlad, P.E.
    Design Project Manager
    NYC School Construction Authority
    A&E Design Consultant Management
    Tel: 718-472-8702

Electrical Upgrade Auditorium – Local Sound System

Princeton Engineering Services, PC provided the design and construction administration services as the MEP Prime Consultant for the replacement of existing local sound system in the Auditorium comprising a control rack in locked cage enclosure and remote mixing station in the mezzanine projection room. The system was fully integrated with existing main central sound, intercom and teacher activated security system, as well as hearing impaired functions. The existing system remained operational throughout construction until the new system was operation per the school’s request.

Additionally, the design included removal and replacement of the existing auditorium and projection booth power panels and feeders back to the Main Distribution Panelboard. The existing conduit was reutilized, and new branch circuits were provided. The existing stage lighting and house lighting were rewired for 3-way switching per the school’s request.

Electrical Upgrade Auditorium – Local Sound System