PES Project Profile

Anning S. Prall
Intermediate School

Staten Island, New York

Project Details

  • Project Client: NYC School Construction Authority
  • Project Cost: $200,000
  • Design Awarded: 1/2019
  • Design Completed: In Progress
  • Construction Completed: Not Started

  • Scope of Services

    Theater Dimming System Upgrade
    • Stage Lighting Upgrade
    • Local Sound System Upgrade
    • Projection System Upgrade

Auditorium Upgrade

Princeton Engineering Services (PES) is providing electrical design and construction administration services for the upgrade of the existing theater dimming system, stage lighting, local sound system, and projection system in the auditorium at Anning S. Prall Intermediate School.

PES designed a new dimming system with remote control, spotlights, group re-lamping, a new stage control panel, new LED house lights, and a new “Knife Blade Switch” panel. The existing stage track lighting is being replaced with a more efficient track lighting system and the local sound system is being upgraded with new speakers to reduce microphone feedback and increase audibility.

An audio amplification system is also being added to accommodate the hearing impaired. The local sound system was designed to have the capability of connecting to the existing public address system. The existing projection system, a screen and table mounted projector, is also being replaced with a ceiling mounted projector. The existing projector screen is being relocated closer to the front of the stage.

Electrical Design, Construction Administration Services