PES Project Profile

New Millennium Business Academy

Bronx, New York

Project Details

  • Project Client: NYC School Construction Authority
  • Project Cost: $750,000
  • Design Awarded: 2/2019
  • Design Completed: In Progress
  • Construction Completed: Not Started

  • Scope of Services

    Public Address System Upgrade
    • Clocks Upgrade

Public Address System & Clocks Upgrade

Princeton Engineering Services (PES) is providing electrical design and construction administration services for the upgrade of the existing public address system and clocks at the New Millennium Business Academy.

The existing public address system is approximately 60 years old and in poor condition. Some classrooms have non-working speakers and clocks, and some do not have any at all. The poor system condition has created a life safety concern, because the schools are currently not be able to communicate in the event of an emergency.

The main design challenge is that the existing public address system is not expandable for upgrading and that the original parts are no longer manufactured. PES’ solution is to install a new integrated sound and clock system. PES’ design provides new sound intercommunication and a teacher activated security system. An induction loop assistive listening system is also being added to the cafeteria.

The clock upgrade will include the installation of a master program clock, single-faced clocks, and a time card recorder. The system will be made fully functional by provisioning a 120-volt connection to the school’s existing emergency lighting panel and by providing low voltage wiring and conduits.

Electrical Design & Construction Administration Services