PES Project Profile

Mayfair School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Project Details

  • Project Cost: $3 million
  • Design Awarded: October 2010
  • Design Completed: February 2012
  • Project Completed: March 2017

  • Scope of Services

    Electric Service Upgrade
    • New Power Distribution
    • Auditorium Lighting
    • Emergency and Egress Lighting

    Client Reference

    Mr. Jerry Thompson
    School District of Philadelphia
    440 N. Broad St., 3rd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA
    Tel: 215-400-5191

Electrical Upgrades & Relighting

This project’s Scope of Work generally comprises new electric service for the school including power distribution, new emergency engine-generator, interior and exterior lighting, egress path emergency lighting and exit signage, and additional receptacles within each classroom for Information and/or Instructional Technology Systems support (i.e. Teacher and Student Computer Workstations, Interactive Whiteboards and/or Smart Boards, LCD-projectors, A/V High-Low Media Links).

Electrical Upgrades & Relighting