PES Project Profile

Folsom Maintenance Yard

Folsom, New Jersey

Project Details

  • Project Cost: $8,980

  • Scope of Services

    • Electrical Load Calculations
    • Cost Recommendations
    • Energy Saving
    • Construction Site Investigation

    Key Services Provided

    • Electrical Load Calculations
    • System Optimization
    • Energy Saving
    • Construction Administration
    • Commissioning
    • System Operations Advice and Training
    • Generator Size Calculations

Electrical Design Services for 15k Ton Building

PES provided electrical services to new salt storage depot. It also provided consolidating existing services and installing a one outdoor permanent outdoor emergency generator to back up the entire facility and eliminate all the existing “Tie-in-Boxes” for the portable generators.

PES calculated electrical load for new electrical service to new facility and determined the electrical service size and service equipment ratings. It also calculated emergency generator size required to back up all existing and new facilities.

Electrical Design Services