PES Project Profile

Brownsville Collaborative Middle School

Brooklyn, New York

Project Details

  • Project Client: NYC School Construction Authority
  • Project Cost: $750,000
  • Design Awarded: 2/2019
  • Design Completed: In Progress
  • Construction Completed: Not Started

  • Scope of Services

    Lighting, Power & IT Upgrade
    • New Furniture
    • New Finishes

CTF Room Conversion into Dance Room

Princeton Engineering Services, PC (PES) providing design and engineering services for this room conversion project to convert Rooms 426 and 428 into a Dance Room.

The building was constructed in 1930. Brownsville Collaborative Middle School K363 is a reinforced concrete and steel building. K363 @ K298 is approximately 77,512 square feet in area and it serves grades 06, 07, 08 and SE. There is no available Certificate of Occupancy for this School Building at the DOB website. There are two schools located in the building, the Dr. Betty Shabazz K298 and Brownsville Collaborative Middle School K363.

Located on the 4th floor, the overall square footage shall include the existing storage closets for a total of 1500 sq. ft. of both room 426 & 428. The Dance Room will be designed to accommodate boys’ and girls’ students. Two new smart boards with computer packages and a sound system will also be provided to accommodate the new space.

In addition, new mirrors, dance bars and new mats shall be provided to accommodate the new space along with the relocation of one existing telephone while the other existing telephone is removed.

The scope of work also includes keeping the existing lighting fixtures while removing the two existing sinks with drinking fountains from each room and replacing them with a new sink and ADA compliant drinking fountain. New storage will also be provided to accommodate the new space with a new small changing room for boys and girls. In addition, new dance room flooring will be installed either over the existing VCT flooring or after removal existing VCT flooring (TBD). The existing doors also need to be replaced with new and new ADA hardware to be provided. Lastly, a new dance floor throughout the room will have to be installed.

Design & Engineering Services